White Paper

Doing More With Your POS Scanner—2D Image Scanning Technology Can Enhance Profit, Efficiency And Customer Service

Honeywell POS Scanner

New POS application demands and recent performance breakthroughs in (two-dimensional) 2D image scanning technology are breathing new life and new profit opportunities into POS operations. Today, through the advanced capabilities of 2D scanners, retailers have a non-disruptive path with clear ROI drivers to deliver new levels of productivity and customer service to the POS.

The migration from single functionality scanners—those that can only read a linear barcode—to 2D image scanners, enables retailers to use a single device to achieve their requirement for fast and accurate barcode scanning. It also allows them to extend their capabilities at the point-ofservice through the automation of services such as forms fill, age and ID verification, and transaction tracking. By eliminating paper-based processes and manual data entry, retailers gain the advantage of offering more service in less time while they already have the customer engaged.