Newsletter | September 8, 2020

09.08.20 -- Does Your Vendor Deliver Partner Value? 7 Ways To Check

Channel Insights
How Your Merchants Can Make The Most Of Their Amusement Park POS System

No matter the size, as a VAR it is important that your customers who operate an amusement park have the right point of sale system to ensure their customers have an enjoyable experience. We tell you what characteristics to look for that will help them handle all of their operational needs in a seamless and efficient system.

The Importance Of Office 365 Backup

Develop an effective protection strategy for Microsoft Office 365 data.

Improved Reliability Through Wireless Monitoring And Control

Redundancy in electrical power components and cooling backups are the core of reliability for data centers. If an electrical or cooling component fails, it is critical that the backup takes over without human intervention and without complications.

What Are QR Codes And How Are They Changing The Payments Industry?

Driven by consumers and merchants alike, contactless payment is becoming more and more omnipresent. Though relatively new to the contactless payments’ scene, QR codes are quickly making their way to the top of the list of solutions your customers prefer.

Lockdown Lessons Episode 2: Reinforcing Your Network

In today’s cyber-climate, if you don’t have a good security setup, the chances you’ll get breached get higher every day. And if you do get breached, the customers who trust you will have their confidence shaken. The damage to that trust relationship could really cost you — no matter how good your products or services are.

Does Your Vendor Deliver Partner Value? 7 Ways To Check

POS resellers are essential to a vendor’s strategy to target its products to the right market. Without the benefit of channel partnerships, vendors would be hard-pressed to gain brand mindshare.

Business Opportunities In Emerging Technologies: 5G

Business Opportunities in Emerging Technologies: 5G, a white paper authored by CompTIA’s Emerging Technology Community, will help providers take a deeper dive into this technology and the opportunities that exist with meaningful insight into the current market landscape, actionable advice for businesses, and case studies.

Leadership Lessons
The End Of The Day With Ray! Talking With Jay McBain

A principle analyst at Forrester talks about the MSP channel.

5 Benefits Of IoT For The 2020 Business Landscape

The Internet of Things refers to a network of linked objects, tools, and pieces of software that allow for better data management and innovation. Currently, the market for IoT is expected to reach a value of $520 by 2021. Here’s what IoT means to your business landscape.