Guest Column | August 14, 2014

Does Your Brand Translate From Traditional To Online Media?

Brand Management

By Surgo Group

As consumers move toward digital media for brand information, it’s the perfect time to reassess how a brand translates from traditional media to online media. A consumer’s opinion about any brand is shaped from the moment they enter the brand search term, or related keywords in any search engine — such as Google or Yahoo. The impact of these search results on the consumer perception of the brand is known as Search Perception Impact (SPI). Learn more about SPI in this eGuide.

The sales funnel is no longer single channeled in nature, but has shifted to a multi-channel journey that includes search, websites, review forums, family and friends recommendations, and much more (Google, ZMOT) — all which impact the online brand of a company.

In a changed consumer reality, brands must take note and shift according to these changes in the way consumers research and digest information about products.

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