Case Study

Doctors Gain Stimulus Funding And Improve Patient Care With Mobility And Affordability

For over 11 years AutoMED has delivered software solutions to hospitals and medical clinics. AutoMED works with doctors to make their workday more efficient and effective. Clinicians are often mobile, working between several clinics and need to keep their patient files and information paperless in a single location. AutoMED and Plustek have partnered to provide effective and affordable paperless solutions to medical clinics and physicians.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 set aside nearly $20 billion in incentive payments for physicians who adopt electronic health record technology over the next five years. In order to qualify for the incentive monies, physicians must be using certified technology, allowing nearly every physician in America to gain up to $63,000 in incentives to switch to an electronic environment. Plustek and AutoMED solutions make these recovery monies a reality for physicians. This has sparked incredible interest in going paperless and allowed Plustek and AutoMED to service this need.

"Clinician doctors often work at several different facilities and have to juggle their time and efforts running between offices," said Joe Persky, vice president of AutoMED. "Our focus is to provide solutions allowing for improved efficiency and increased productivity; the Plustek scanners keep them mobile and paperless without breaking the bank. These scanners are light and rugged enough to withstand constant transport without failure; powerful enough to upload medical records in seconds; compact enough to fit in even the tightest workspaces and affordable enough to allow clinics of all sizes to benefit." In fact Mr. Persky says prior to the Plustek option, "the average clinic was paying triple for scanners which were slower, heavier and bulkier."