Case Study

Case Study: Divona Telecom Utilizes Juniper Networks Solutions To Optimize Radio Access Network Bandwidth Response Times

Source: Juniper Networks, Inc.

Divona Telecom is Africa's leading satellite and WiMAX telecom operator. Licensed by the Tunisian government in 2003, Divona Telecom connects five major cities in Tunisia, including Tunis, Nabeul, Sousse, Monastir, and Sfax. The company is owned by Planet Tunisie, the first Internet service provider (ISP) in Tunisia, and Monaco Telecom, a cable and wireless subsidiary with operations in Monaco, Algeria, sub-Saharan Africa, Kosovo, and Afghanistan.

Divona Telecom provides integrated end-to-end solutions for the region's premium corporate customers. Several hundred corporations are already live on the Divona Telecom WiMAX network. The company expects to double its subscriber base every quarter for the next four years.

Divona Telecom offers several levels of service within its framework of activity, intended mainly for companies in search of improvement in and optimization of their telecom infrastructure. Divona Telecom has developed a set of services including VPN offerings, IP telephony, high-speed Internet, distance learning, video conferencing, multimedia distribution, international leased lines, and call center solutions.