Article | November 15, 2012

Discovering The Value of Network Assessment Tools

Source: Continuum
Steve Ricketts Continuum VP Marketing Photo

This article by Steve Ricketts, VP of Marketing at Continuum discusses network assessment tools, securing IT systems, and the need to know the composition, functions, and operations of IT systems to effectively manage them. The average business is often unaware of what sits on its network or is in its data center, with servers and appliances being attached to the network all the time without being properly inventoried.

Steve also notes, “Users will download and install applications on networked servers and endpoints without authorization and users sometimes depart without the IT department receiving notice.” Additionally, users will often create weak passwords, increasing the vulnerability of your network to attacks. It is crucial that the IT department have an adequate view of the network environment; otherwise it becomes a security incident waiting to happen.

Network assessment tools can be very valuable to managed service providers, allowing the automation of manual network and security assessments that can be used to produce Client Risk Reports showing network vulnerabilities which can help you win new business. They can also be used with existing clients to verify the security of their network by providing periodic “health checks”.

Download this article from Continuum below to read more about the value of network assessment tools.