Guest Column | January 11, 2013

Digital Signage Solutions May Signal New Revenue

By: Kelly Ricker, SVP Education & Events, CompTIA

Successful business owners are constantly assessing and reassessing their business. What are we doing right? What can we do better? How can we grow? It’s this continual evaluation of their business that keeps them on the cutting edge and in position to win new clients. To put your own company in that enviable position – think about your business’s core competencies and how you can extend those services to meet your customer’s needs. Stepping foot into the digital signage game may be a lucrative option for you.

Recent research published by Intel forecasts the global market for digital signage will reach 10 million media players and a corresponding 22 million digital signs by 2015. So, where do IT solution providers fit in?

IT solution providers have the expertise and experience in networking, server and storage technologies and, as suppliers of IT infrastructure, you already have trusted advisor relationships with many of the customers who are looking to adopt digital signage solutions. But, to close the deal you’ll have to learn the critical content creation, delivery, and management aspects of the business. It’s in these areas that the opportunities for recurring revenue and “as-a-service” style solution sales exist. If you can close these critical gaps, the opportunity to grow into a dynamic new business that builds on existing strengths is a compelling one.