Newsletter | September 16, 2020

09.16.20 -- Debunking The Top Five Myths About Ransomware And SMBs

Debunking The Top Five Myths About Ransomware And SMBs

SMBs have limited time and IT resources, and a lot on their plates — especially when it comes to cybersecurity. Unfortunately, SMBs have become the biggest target for ransomware attacks, and they need to face the harsh truth that ransomware can wreak havoc with data, budget and reputation.

Phishing Ain’t What It Used To Be: How An Old Attack Has Evolved

Phishing attacks are proliferating on the web. Their sheer volume has helped them become one of the most common sources of data breach used today. The endgame remains the same: to swipe confidential information from an unsuspecting target in order to extract something of value.

Hurricane Hacks For Protecting Data

The convenience of data is also its greatest weakness. All it takes is a major storm — or something far more mundane — to lose access to data. Since there are a number of causes of data loss, it’s important to prepare for all of them. But it’s hard to prepare when you don’t know what to expect.

11 Types Of Phishing Attacks You Need To Know To Stay Safe
Like Darwin's finches, phishing has evolved from a single technique into many highly specialized tactics, each adapted to specific types of targets and technologies. But knowing about the hugely diverse set of today's phishing tactics can help ordinary people, home and business internet users alike, to be more prepared for the inevitable instance when they become the target.
Buyer’s Guide: DRaaS Features And Functionality

When a server stops responding, for whatever reason, the fastest way to resume service is to have a secondary environment ready to go. But traditionally, the redundant hardware, server space, and additional human resources required have made this a prohibitive option. In the end, many IT departments simply live with the risk of potential business-ending outages.