White Paper

How To Deal With A Perfect Storm Of Disruption In The Managed Services Business

Source: Solarwinds MSP

A personal perspective on the challenges facing the Managed Services industry and the strategies you can use now to survive and thrive transformational change.

By Mike Cullen, Senior Vice President Sales, N-able technologies

As the Vice President of Sales for N-able Technologies, I travel extensively – regularly visiting our Partners and other Managed Service Providers in major cities across the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Something I’ve noted recently is a growing chorus of concern. It’s not that our Partners are filled with doom-and-gloom. Rather, there’s a shared feeling that we’ve reached a major inflection point in the MSP industry – one characterized by an unusual number of change agents that will ensure the immediate future is unlikely to resemble the past. If you’re a MSP or IT service provider, and you’re not concerned you probably should be. Here’s why.

Right now, we’re bracing for more change in the next two years than the industry has seen in the past 15. Drivers that are creating a perfect storm of disruption include new competitors, converging technologies, and IT everywhere.

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