Datasheet | April 22, 2013

Datasheet: Epson OmniLink TM-T88V-DT Intelligent Printer

Source: Epson
Epson OmniLink TM-T88V-DT Intelligent Printer

Integrated computing power

The OmniLink TM-T88V-DT is designed to offer retailers maximum POS computing power and configuration flexibility. It includes an retail-hardened PC with a POSReady 7 or Linux operating system powered by an Intel Atom 1.8GHz processor. Optimized for stability and performance, it is all integrated into an ultra-small footprint of an Epson POS receipt printer.

POS configuration flexibility

OmniLink TM-T88V-DT provides the application power and configuration flexibility to support fixed, mobile and hybrid POS applications. With 6 USB ports, it can function as a device hub for your POS system. It also supports thin client and Web-based POS applications and, with its compact footprint, it reduces the need for counter space in checkout lanes.

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