Guest Column | January 23, 2017

4 Data Trends That Will Keep BDR Top Of Mind For Customers

BSM Matthew Held, Manawa Networks

By Matthew Held, CEO and Co-Founder, Manawa Networks and ASCII Group Member Since 2015

Data loss or theft is a fact of life for organizations of all sizes. We’ve come to expect hardware failure or human error and criminals targeting smaller organizations that spend less of IT security and disaster recovery. But recently, foreign hackers and criminals have upped the game, conducting serious cyber-attacks and wreaking havoc on organizations and governments.

For solution providers, several trends this year reveal why backup and disaster recovery should be top of mind for small, medium, and large businesses.

  1. Seek Expert Help To Follow Backup 3-2-1
    Most professionals know colleagues at organizations that have lost data. Organizations are quick to seek a remedy from experts after a security breach as they don’t have a DBR plan to safeguard their customer information.

Solution providers recommend their clients follow Backup 3-2-1, a rule requiring any piece of data exist on two different storage media with at least one being offsite. For example, if your business burns down, data that was last backed up at a remote location can be used to restore information. There are countless examples of organizations losing data because the backups were in the same location.