Download | March 21, 2013

Cynergy Data: The Game Changer In VAR Solutions

Source: Cynergy Data

The Game Changer In VAR Solutions

Since 1995, Cynergy Data has been delivering fast and secure payments processing for thousands of businesses across the U.S. Ranked in The Nilson Report’s top 1% in terms of total merchant acquirers, we deliver a complete array of payments and industry leading support to continually enhance the customer experience.

When you integrate your point-of-sale software to our DonateWiseNow program, you recieve a first-of-its kind differentiator that enables your merchants to accept micro-donations at the point-of-sale while positioning you as a unique provider of integration system solutions.

A Competitive Edge - DonateWiseNow

  • Enable Micro-Donations at the POS DonateWiseNow enables you to target small to mid-sized merchants who wish to accept microdonations through an integrated point-of-sale solution
  • Differentiate Your Offering When you offer DonateWiseNow, you have a unique differentiator that enables you to stand apart from your competition. There are many integrated solutions in the market, but yours can be part of game changer that makes a difference
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Download this brochure below to learn more about DonateWiseNow and LUCY Gateway from Cynergy Data.