Self-Serve Web Portal

Source: Tigerpaw Software, Inc.

Self-Serve Web Portal

The Self-Serve Web Portal from Tigerpaw Software acts as a virtual help desk for your clients. It enables users to open service tickets, ask questions, search for answers, check work performed, review the status of a request, and more. In doing so, it helps reduce the cost of your customer service and improves customer satisfaction.

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Customer support is likely a costly part of your operations budget. You have to provide 24/7 access to ensure customer satisfaction, but often the calls your support team receives are for basic issues — the type of questions you hate to see use up the valuable resources of your customer service staff.

The Self-Serve Web Portal can reduce those support calls, thereby saving your company time and money, while also increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Through the web portal you can give your customers the ability to submit tickets, check the status of existing tickets, ask questions, view answers to FAQs, review statements, and if you are using one of Tigerpaw’s partners for payment processing, even make payments online. Essentially, you’re able to increase the satisfaction of your customers while at the same time increasing the productivity of your support staff. It’s a win-win.

Of course, every service organization is concerned about staying top-of-mind with its clients, and Tigerpaw’s Self-Serve Web Portal helps you do just that by being fully customizable. For example, you can upload your logo, set a color scheme, and choose a layout to match your corporate website and branding to give a consistent look every time your client uses the portal. Additionally, you can enhance communication with your customers by posting important announcements on the login page of the portal. These customizations enable the portal to become an extension of your service department.

Key benefits:

  • Cut the cost of customer service
  • Reduce support calls
  • Improve productivity
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

For more information on the Tigerpaw Self-Serve Web Portal, check out this datasheet or video.

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