CRx Desktop Thermal Printer

Source: CognitiveTPG


The CRx printing solution offers pharmacies the ability to save time and costs associated with their prescription fulfillment process. The CRx printer generates prescription labels fast and saves money on energy and supplies. The simple media path prevents label jams and ensures long-lasting performance. Because the CRx is a thermal printer, no messy or expensive toner is required and it utilizes far less energy than a laser printer, a ratio of 10:1 energy consumption.

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The CRx printer offers reliability and cost savings not found in laser printing solutions and with unique features that far outperform all other thermal label printers in its class.

  • Compact footprint that fits easily into many small work spaces
  • Laser printer programming language compatibility for easy integration into legacy systems
  • High-speed and high-quality script printing
  • No adhesive ooze and costly maintenance
  • Quiet operation
  • Energy efficient printing saves money and reduces waste
  • Network-ready and ready to support input devices such as scanners, keyboards, and numeric keypads

Why Thermal Printing vs. Laser Printing
There are several reasons to select thermal over laser printing ranging from simple hardware design to low ownership costs.  Thermal printing is the most reliable label printing technology.

"Thermal printing is clearly the better technology when it comes to label printing.  Cognitive’s CRx thermal label printer is the right price, right size, and right performance to address the healthcare market.”  Richard Kriozere, CEO, Digi-Trax Corporation