White Paper

Critical Success Factors For In-House NOC And Help Desk Operations

Source: Solarwinds MSP

Why Your NOC And Help Desk Are About To Become A Whole Lot More Important To Your Managed Services Business

Providing NOC and help desk support services that are responsive to end customer needs while being cost effective to deliver is a key challenge faced by all managed service providers (MSPs). Surprisingly few get this part of their business right. The inevitable outcome is low- er customer satisfaction, higher customer churn rates, and reduced revenues. It also means you’re constantly looking for new customers in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

This special report from N-able Technologies provides an overview of the NOC and help desk in the context of sweeping changes that are transforming the managed services industry. The report provides insight to the drivers of change and why your NOC and help desk will play an increasingly important role in the success of your managed services business.

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