Guest Column | April 21, 2014

6 Critical Pressure Points Of Healthcare Network Security

Reduce PCI DSS Scope In Healthcare

By Ron Culler, CTO, Secure Designs

Today, even the smallest healthcare organization is a technology hub. Multiple IT systems connect providers to patients, medical specialists, online resources, and external providers and staff are increasingly equipped with mobile devices to support their work within and outside the facilities. The regulatory environment is stringent, and new state healthcare exchanges place additional security and privacy pressures on healthcare organizations.

Not all organizations are up to the challenge of providing secure access to network resources, protecting confidential patient information, and ensuring the network is available to all who need it. In 2013, organizations including WellPoint and Affinity Health Plan paid out millions of dollars in fines for HIPAA violations, and a recent survey indicates that about 50 percent of healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations have no formal means of assessing and adapting to the changing threat landscape.

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