News | July 21, 2014

Creditcall Publishes Comprehensive EMV White Paper For ISVs, Integrators And VARs In Preparation Of U.S. Migration

Source: Creditcall Corporation
  • U.S. lags behind rest of world with only 1-5 percent EMV-ready credit and debit cards;
  • Researchers forecast that 166 million credit cards will be in circulation in the U.S. by the end of 2015

With deadlines looming and liability policies shifting, the U.S. is facing major changes to the payments landscape over the next few years. Supporting the migration to EMV, EMV-ready payment gateway provider Creditcall has published a complete guide for ISVs, Integrators and VARs to navigate through the challenges, risks and benefits of EMV Migration and provides potential solutions.

In the wake of numerous credit and debit card data breach cases in late 2013 and throughout 2014, the U.S. has proven to be far behind the rest of the world at only 1-5 percent of chip cards EMV-ready as of January 2014. Retailers large and small are seeing the significance of making the massive switch to Chip-enabled technology that will not only prove beneficial for compliance purposes but primarily for the sake of its valued customers by providing a more secure payment standard.

“It’s truly mind-blowing that even with security being of utmost importance for organizations that are dealing with sensitive consumer data, there is still a gap in the adoption of new, more secure technologies in the U.S.,” said Jeremy Gumbley, CTO at Creditcall.

“When comparing the traditional mag-stripe system to EMV Chip-card technology, the benefits of EMV are exponentially greater; however, these benefits come at a cost, and require a significant investment of time. While October 2015 seems far away – in order to successfully meet the liability shift deadline, ISVs, integrators and VARS need to start the process of migrating merchants’ payment systems now.”

  • Some additional research and topics covered in the report include:
  • Fraud case studies and learnings from recent security breaches
  • Swiping vs. Inserting: What will look different for consumers?
  • Who is responsible as the liability shift comes into play
  • EMV adoption across the globe
  • The five steps of EMV migration (from hardware selection to PCI P2PE certification)

Creditcall is the first EMV-ready payment gateway in the U.S. to process attended and unattended EMV transactions, and continues to provide companies around the globe with business-critical payment solutions.

The company’s white paper will be available for download at the following link:

In addition, Creditcall will be showcasing its research and solutions at RetailNOW in Orlando, Florida from August 3-6, 2014 at booth #101.

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SOURCE: Creditcall Corporation