Article | February 23, 2017

Crafting The Right Social Media Strategy

Source: RSPA
Social Media Marketing For VARs and ISVs

By Jennifer Clark, Content Strategist

When you think of social media, what comes to mind? Teenagers taking selfies? Sounding boards for customer complaints? Forums for celebrities to share their latest endorsements? What about a platform for engagement, sales development, lead generation and distributing company products and information? If the latter was not part of your initial definition of social media, then keep reading.

Social media no longer falls to giants Facebook and Twitter as the catch-all for sharing any and everything, but instead, it’s now segmented by age and audience. The youngest demographics have shied away from the old standards and now use more conversational apps. Instagram and Flickr are more for photos; Tumblr and Wordpress fall into blog categories; YouTube is for videos; Facebook is for longer and mixed social content; Twitter is for shorter content; and LinkedIn is for businesses.