White Paper

White Paper: Convincing Your Customers: Selling The Managed Services Delivery Model

Source: Kaseya

Every IT professional knows that the managed services business model is superior to the break-fix model. You don't need me to tell you that a proactive, preventative approach to IT service is more efficient than running around putting out fires. It leads to higher margins, scalability and recurring revenue while improving customer service. However, convincing your customers is a different story. Generally, they are happy with the service youprovide at the prices you charge. They simply don't know any better. Preventative care seems good on paper but convincing customers to embrace the managed services delivery model is a challenge for even the best salesman.

The following white paper outlines some best practices that managed service providers (MSPs) can follow to sell their customers on a better way of delivering IT services. I spent 12 years transforming a small break-fix company into a top MSP, scaling to more than 7,000 end points before eventually being acquired in 2005. Use these tips to learn from my success and failures and put yourself on the path to increased sales and profitability.