Guest Column | December 6, 2011

Convert Your Network Skills Into IP Video Surveillance Sales

Edward Wassall

By Edward Wassall, director of IP product and business development, Samsung Techwin America

How significant is the opportunity for integrators to sell video surveillance to their restaurant and retail customers?

The opportunities are significant as a result of recent changes in technology that increase the attractiveness of video surveillance in a restaurant environment. Commercial customers, particularly small businesses, have always been strong candidates for video monitoring, and innovative new technology expands those capabilities. For businesses with multiple properties, such as restaurants, the customer can now monitor several locations from a single account and user-friendly interface. At the same time, leading-edge video offerings now ensure that important video clips can be protected so they are not overwritten in the normal First-In, First-Out recording process. Additionally, video surveillance technology can be extended outside the restaurant property with low-light cameras to capture video footage. So if an alarm is signaled at 3 AM, the business owner can view an alarm-triggered video clip taken by an infrared camera to determine if there is a serious situation or if it's something harmless.