Download | August 20, 2012

Converge And Consolidate Capabilities – Become A Holistic Managed Services Provider

Source: Continuum
Steve Ricketts Continuum VP Marketing Photo

In this article, Steve Ricketts, VP of marketing at Continuum Managed Services discusses the multitude of services offered by managed services providers (MSPs) and how providing a holistic package of managed services can be a major benefit to customers and end users.

Many smaller and midmarket organizations do not have large IT teams and are not technology experts. These types of businesses often opt for managed services; what they can’t manage, they outsource. The difficulty these companies face is having to manage multiple service and product suppliers with different contracts, service level agreements, billing cycles, sales representatives, support infrastructures, and management consoles. Additionally the lack of integration between service providers is also often a burden, diminishing their value and effectiveness.

MSPs that can provide businesses with a holistic package of managed services have a significant advantage over MSPs providing limited services. In this article, Steve notes, “Recent research has shown that end customers will buy multiple services from the same provider if that provider can deliver the quality and convenience of a virtual holistic system and ongoing support.”

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