Article | July 9, 2015

CompTIA Study Shows Businesses Are More Proactive Against Rogue IT

Source: CompTIA
Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

CompTIA Study Rogue IT

A survey of 650 business and technology professionals reveals that the recent hype around “Rogue IT” is actually benefitting channel partners. According to CompTIA’s study, Building Digital Organizations, there has been a reduction in the complete side-stepping of IT as businesses are learning their lessons from their own missteps and the press surrounding mistakes of others.

While business units and departments have greater access to technology solutions — and the budget to purchase them, in most organizations, IT teams are still deeply engaged, according to the study.

“The complete side-stepping of IT has gone down,” Seth Robinson, senior director, technology analysis, CompTIA, stated. “It certainly appears that businesses have learned their lessons, based either on missteps that have made themselves or on information gathered from others.”

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