Guest Column | October 26, 2015

Compliance-as-a-Service Can Drive Vertical Market Opportunities


By Miles Jobgen, Director of Trustmarks, CompTIA

How well does your IT firm support legal firms, banks, retailers and other customers? Not just their computers, networks, and the applications that manage their information and allow them to run their daily operations — but everything they need to meet local, state, and federal regulations as well as industry guidelines. That’s the ultimate recipe for channel success.

The IT industry continues to shift. With cloud and managed services reducing the cost of entry and a host of direct sales vendors crowding the market, these formerly lucrative offerings are becoming more and more commoditized with each passing year. Businesses simply have more options for spending their technology dollars today. Laptops and tablets are readily available through online retailers and they can set up basic file sharing accounts on their own, or they can just contract with their local phone company for a variety of services formerly offered only through managed services providers (MSPs). That is rapidly diminishing the value of solutions providers who aren’t differentiating and molding their business models to meet the needs of their specific clientele.

Today’s customers need help with design, procurement, implementation, training, and ongoing support. Each can make your business stand apart from the masses, and improve the value of your organization to current and prospective clients. But those who want to go further along on the channel evolution scale address their customers “biggest and hairiest” pain point: compliance.

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