Case Study

College Preparatory School Protected By State-Of-The-Art Surveillance Technology

Source: Pivot3

Pine Crest School is a college preparatory school established in 1934 that operates two campuses in south Florida. They serve a network of families who have high expectations for the quality of education and the safety of their children. To meet this need to the satisfaction of students and parents, Pine Crest School required a security system that would allow them to identify visitors before they enter any buildings.

“Our clientele often live in gated communities and demand that everything at Pine Crest be secured to the highest level,” said Ryan Gallagher, Director of Facilities, Pine Crest. “They want the same level of security they have in their homes and businesses extended to their children’s lives at school.” The school has relied on traditional security technologies to enhance security for some time, but wanted the capability to unify systems on both campuses, which are about 14 miles apart. It also needed the capacity to store data from hundreds of cameras for several days to enable the staff to solve investigations that weren’t reported immediately. Gallagher said, “students never seem to report anything until several days after it actually happened.”

Pine Crest also needed a cost-efficient system because they rely heavily on donations, which can often come sporadically, and a solution that could be easily expanded upon as needed as the school system and its student base grows.