Case Study

CognitiveTPG Saves Androscoggin Bank 75% On Teller Receipt Printing

Source: CognitiveTPG
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When Androscoggin Bank needed to replace its entire line of aging teller receipt printers they put out a Request for Proposal (RFP). On a basic level they were looking for a printer that combined thermal and impact printing capabilities. The printer also had to be compatible with its Integrated Teller software from Fiserv.

Androscoggin Bank was using an old impact printer with pre-printed receipts with the company logo and contact information. Androscoggin Bank evaluated a half of dozen printers and out of the selection the CognitiveTPG B780 "was the clearly the frontrunner," according Tim Craig, IT/Help Desk. Craig further stated that "it was the only printer with both thermal and impact printing and USB connectivity, a function that was critical to the communication between the printer and the software.