News | April 12, 2013

CognitiveTPG Builds Momentum With New Business Development Team

Source: CognitiveTPG
Cognitive TPG

ITHACA, NY – CognitiveTPG, an established leader in the design and development of innovative print technology solutions, announced the formation of a new business development team.  The team will be led by Jose Basa who was recently named Director of Business Development. 

Jose has extensive business development and sales experience in the international electronics manufacturing field.  He previously held the position of Director of New Product Development for ATSI Holding, Inc., former owner of CognitiveTPG, and has held similar positions with other printer manufacturers.

“Jose’s significant expertise will be a strong asset to CognitiveTPG as we continue to grow our company. He has a proven track record of managing business case justifications and identifying partner opportunities that will create a differential solution with a strong value proposition,” said Kyle Turner, CognitiveTPG’s President and CEO.

Jose will be joined by newly appointed Business Development Manager Joe Howe, who will support the initiatives of the team. Howe is an accomplished sales management professional with over 10 years of success in delivering sustainable revenue and profit gains. 

Jose stated, “As a former Axiohm employee, Joe has familiarity and historical ties to CognitiveTPG.  That unique relationship will prove a strong asset in achieving the Development Team’s goals.” 

“The formation of the New Business Development team marks a significant milestone in CognitiveTPG’s momentum to create innovative and customized printing applications for our partners and customers.  We are thrilled to have Jose and Joe on board and believe their combined experience will be a tremendous asset in developing new partnerships, channels, and products,” stated Turner.

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CognitiveTPG is an established worldwide leader in the design and development of innovative print technology solutions for a broad range of markets.  As industry evolves, we collaborate face-to-face with our customers so we can respond to their needs quickly with inspired solutions that deliver effective results.  Our history as a pioneer in thermal print technology speaks for itself.  Today, we’re working on the next series of innovations that will keep your company in front of the competition.  Find out more at

SOURCE: CognitiveTPG