Guest Column | June 6, 2013

Cloud Is A Movement, Not A Maturity Model: Five Things MSPs Must Get Right


By Mike Cullen, Senior Vice President of Sales, N-able by SolarWind

For today’s MSPs, cloud is no longer a choice or even an evolution. It's a movement whose time is now, and every managed service provider (MSP) has got to be a part of it or risk losing their customers.  Whether you’ve already made the plunge or not, here are five key things that MSPs need to get right if they want to grow and thrive in the new cloud economy:

  1. You Can’t Pick and Choose: In a perfect world, every MSP wants to deliver hybrid cloud in his or her own data center. But in reality, the public cloud is where the leverage is for pricing, and your customers recognize that. That's why MSPs can't pick and choose between public, private or hybrid options. They have to deliver what’s best for their customers. It’s also tempting as an MSP to pigeonhole a customer into what best fits your business, but you'll lose credibility if you take that approach. Give your customers what they need. The bottom line is cover all the bases and make sure you’re not leaving an “in” for any competitor to swoop in and take over.

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