White Paper

White Paper: CipherOptics Layer 4 Encryption: Network Services Impact Test Results

Source: CipherOptics, Inc.

One of the largest service providers in the United States tested CipherOptics' Layer 4 payload encryption over their MPLS network. In each test, the encrypted traffic traversed the MPLS network as expected. The PBR test was designed to bypass normal routing (via routing table). Interesting traffic was successfully routed after encryption using port-based PBR rules.

The tests clearly demonstrated that the CipherOptics encryption solution passes packets with Layer 2 through Layer 4 headers in clear text while encrypting the data payload and without disrupting network services or applications. The unique capabilities of the CipherOptics Layer 4 encryption solution also makes troubleshooting an encrypted network easier.

The CipherOptics Layer 4 encryption solution is designed to be completely agnostic to the WAN. If you have a working network, then the solution can surround and protect the network without impacting network services or applications.