Newsletter | April 22, 2019

04.22.19 -- Channel Transitions: Lessons From New MSSPs and ISVs

Featured Editorial
Are You Ready To Become An MSSP?
By Lynn Souza

low one company’s journey into managed security services.

Channel Sales Hires: What Lurks Below?
By Kathy Meader

Matching candidates to the job can help navigate the icebergs in the hiring process.

MSP-To-ISV: Tips From A Pro
By Joe Pannone

In this mini-autobiography of Joe Pannone, we trace the roots of a hybrid MSP/app development enterprise, see just how intertwined IT services and app development really are, and realize how accessible — and profitable — app development can be for MSPs.

Channel Voice, The Channel Executive Podcast

Catch up on an archive of conversations with channel luminaries including Paul Dippell, Robin Robins, Carrie Simpson, Bradley Gross, Tim Conkle, Jay McBain, Arlin Sorensen, and many, many more.

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