Case Study

Case Management: A Blueprint For Success

Source: EMC Corporation

Introduction: Achieving Agility Through Case Management

In today's challenging economy, organizations must be more agile and work smarter in order to create value for their customers quickly. A recent worldwide survey of 350 executives conducted by The Economist found that, over the next three years, reducing operational costs is recognized as the number one business challenge for one-half of all respondents. The same study also revealed that nearly 90 percent of executives believe that organizational agility is critical to business success. These executives identified three critical traits of an agile business: rapid decision making and execution, a high-performance culture, and the ability to access the right information at the right time.

Organizations have been mandated to operate with fewer resources, yet are still expected to deliver superior services while increasing efficiency and productivity. As a result, they can no longer tolerate the inefficiencies of limited information access and manual, time-consuming processes inherent to siloed environments. Now more than ever, organizations need to transform their critical business processes and leverage multiple sources of information to adopt a better way of working.