White Paper

BYOD Insights 2013: A Cisco Partner Network Study

Source: Cisco

Millions of American workers are setting up the office wherever and whenever they can find an internet connection. And with access to an ever-widening range of devices -- smartphones, tablets and laptops -- workers aren’t limiting themselves to company-provided hardware.

But what devices do they use and who owns them? Are workers being reimbursed, and if so, for how much? Are there security risks?

While experts have analyzed and parsed responses from thousands of managers, IT workers and CIOs about this “Bring Your Own Device” trend, no one’s asked the everday employee how they use their smartphones for work.

Until now. The findings of this study, comissioned by a group of Cisco partner firms, answers the types of questions thousands of managers and IT pros haven’t yet asked. The findings are revealing and the landscape is startlingly different than anyone might’ve expected.

This report is available from Cisco here.

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