Business Continuity Selling And Planning Essentials For MSPs

Source: Continuum
Jeff Neumann Continuum

By Jeff Neumann, product director, Continuum

Backup and recovery is often cited in surveys as a top priority and concern among small to medium-sized businesses. However, when questioned, very few SMBs have true business continuity plans in place or have even considered them. What will they do when faced with an outage? What will they do in response to a real disaster?

Market research has shown time and time again that every company needs a business continuity strategy, especially given the significant financial and business repercussions a disaster can have. According to research from the Gartner Group, the average cost of a single incident of data loss can exceed $10,000.

It is also very important to make sure businesses understand that the ripple effects of an outage can be far reaching, devastating or even fatal. Looking beyond financial costs, equally important consequences include lost revenue, damaged reputation, loss of competitive advantage, regulatory issues and possible litigation.

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