Case Study

Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Solution Provider Reduces Training And Installation Time By 75% With Axcient

Source: Axcient

It is very important that you have an offsite, out-to-date copy of your data in the event of local disasters, large and small. The majority of server outages aren't actually due to dramatic events, but rather to simple human error or hardware failure. Due to the high rate of businesses failing after extended outages, many insurance carriers require a copy of files to be kept offsite.

Sadly, too few small and medium size businesses actually keep frequent copies of data remotely due to the time, cost and pure hassle of tape – the common method of offsite data vaulting. Tape is expensive when you factor in the handling, the shipping and the remote storage. Tape can also take days to get back, mount and restore.

These are the reasons why Axcient bundles SmartCloudDR in all three solution packages. SmartCloudDR leverages the Internet to intelligently replicate your local Axcient Appliance to our SAS 70 II data centers for safekeeping. All data in transit and at rest is protected with state-of-the-art encryption.

SmartCloudDR™ is included in all packages and has:

  • "Set and forget" on an automated schedule to send data and appliance settings offsite
  • No more "backup babysitting", shipping and storing tapes
  • Protects you from fire, theft, sabotage and natural disasters
  • Data is encrypted as it is transmitted from the appliance to the data center and at rest in the data center
  • The data centers are SAS 70 Type II certified
  • In the event of a site failure, a new, fully replicated appliance can be delivered upon request
  • Configurable backup policies let you set your recovery point objectives (RPO)