Article | March 25, 2014

Building Blocks For A World-Class Integrator Experience

Source: TSYS Acquiring Solutions
Bill Lodes, TSYS Director of Developer Partnerships

By Bill Lodes, TSYS Director of Developer Partnerships

The TSYS® team is picking up right where we left off in 2013 and continuing to march toward our goal of providing a best-in-class, end-to-end integration solution.

In 2013 we reached out to our partners in search of any aspects we may have missed in years past, and, through that invaluable feedback, were able to identify areas of opportunity. We took those comments, concerns and suggestions to heart, creating an organization and process that provides an industry-leading experience.

The TSYS Developer Services team has undergone quite a few changes. Over the past year, those changes were geared toward providing our partners with product and service solutions to help them succeed within their specified vertical space. In 2013, we added new resources equipped to help grow your business, increasing our overall industry experience by an average of 10 years. However, resources alone can’t solve problems without a definable, measurable and scalable solution process — and that process is exactly what we’ve created.

Integrations are not a trivial exercise, and they cost the partner resources, time and capital out of their day-to- day operations.

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