Newsletter | October 21, 2019

10.21.19 -- Brand Or Service Offering: Which To Build First?

Featured Editorial
Building A Brand Or Building A Service: Which First?
By Carrie Simpson

Both branding and service delivery are essential components of the long-term success of any business, MSPs especially. A sexy brand wins business. Great service delivery keeps business. You’re eventually going to need both, but as a new business owner, picking where to invest your limited dollars, which comes first? I chose branding. What did you choose?

Are You A Security Services Fraud?
By Angel R. Rojas

There are no tools you can buy that just complete your risk assessment or security plan. Worse yet, many think it is perfectly fine to buy a prepackaged or “canned” security plan and call it a day. All this does is set you up to fail and to create unreasonable expectations for you and your team.

Alan Weinberger's Vision, 35 Years Later
By Matt Pillar, chief editor

Take a retrospective look inside the organization that’s supported the IT channel since its inception and a glimpse into the future at The ASCII Group