Case Study

Bend Brewing Company Brings Secure Credit Card Processing To The Table With CATS Solution

Source: Bellatrix Systems

Like many establishments of its kind, Oregon-based Bend Brewing Company (BBC), a combination restaurant/microbrewery, experienced headaches when it came to credit card use. It wasn't that patrons were reluctant to settle their tabs or frequently skipped out without paying for what they had consumed, rather diners would often complete the transaction only to inadvertently leave their credit cards behind for servers to find on the table long after they had made their exit. Implementing the Card At Table Service (CATS) solution from Bellatrix has eliminated these types of hassles and also headed off other problems at the pass.

Bellatrix approached BBC with an offer of implementing an alpha system (CATS) to better secure their credit card transactions, which they gladly accepted. BBC's point of sale VAR, Cash Drawer Systems, Inc., was then contacted to assist in the installation.

At the time, proprietor Wendi Day and her staff were unaware of the potential consequences of data breaches that can occur when credit cards are lost or stolen and unauthorized individuals otherwise gain access to cardholders' account numbers. Together, Bellatrix and Barnhart advised them that publicity associated with cardholder data breaches can have a drastic effect on businesses, destroying their credibility and eroding customer loyalty. They also pointed out that restaurateurs and other business owners are liable for ancillary costs related to cardholder data breaches, including forensic investigations, fines, and card reissuance costs.