Article | October 9, 2013

Axis Enters The Physical Access Control Market: An Interview with Ray Mauritsson, CEO

Axis Communications

While physical access control is a new market for Axis, innovation is nothing new. Axis started back in 1984 by developing protocol converters and then continued to printers and storage devices before inventing the network camera in 1996. Today, Axis is the market leader in network cameras, security cameras and video encoders (according to IHS Research) and the company now aims to take its expertise in IP technology to the physical access control market.

What is physical access control?

A physical access control system determines who is allowed to enter or exit an area at a defined time and place. As a user, you are exposed to the system when you swipe your card at the door unit. A system of controllers, computers and databases behind the door unit manages access rights and grants access to a specific door.

Why are you entering the physical access control market?

Physical access control is a natural complement to Axis’ existing network video portfolio and provides partners and end-customers with unique integration possibilities.

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