Datasheet | December 28, 2011

Axcient Cloud Continuity

Source: Axcient

What if you had an all-­in-­one solution that was so complete, your customers' downtime was no longer a concern? Wouldn't you sleep better at night, knowing that you'll be able to keep their businesses up and running, even if their offices were destroyed? How would such peace of mind change your life and your business?

With Axcient Cloud Continuity, you can have the complete confidence that comes from knowing your small and medium-­sized business (SMB) customers will never suffer a day of downtime, no matter what — not if their building burns to the ground, washes away in a flood, or is torn away in a tornado; not if their network gets hit by a virus attack, or if their servers are stolen or sabotaged. Whatever happens, Axcient has you and your customers covered