ASD Softswitch

Source: SCS, Inc.
In the world of multimedia call centers, performance is all about managing your assets — technology, data, and most of all, people — as efficiently and affordably as possible.

Ideal for Inbound, Outbound and Blended Call Centers

Unlike many one-dimensional call center products, ASD Softswitch can be used in both inbound and outbound, as well as blended call center environments. It can be set up to allow you to work multiple projects, or jump from campaign to campaign with the same agent, providing the proper screen pop for the situation. And, it automatically re-routes calls for optimal utilization of available resources, including multi-site environments.

ASD Softswitch brings voice and data communications together on a scalable, open architecture running on Microsoft® operating systems. It consists of two major components — The Configuration Manger, and The Manager Console. When combined, these components seamlessly automate inbound, outbound, and blended call centers.

The Configuration Manager allows your staff to set up campaigns that meet an unlimited selection of parameters. For example, call centers can limit legal exposure by instructing the system to prohibit calls before or after certain hours, and preventing those instructions from being circumvented at the local level. The system can also be set to meet a hard dropped call rate that ASD Softswitch will then use as the baseline for adjustments.

The Manager Console, with real-time reporting, allows call center staff to manage the day-to-day operations, such as viewing performance in queues, checking the number of leads waiting in queue, or locating the source of problems in a telecommunications line. The Windows-like interface requires little technical knowledge to operate, helping call center managers concentrate on managing their resources.

ASD Softswitch combines three powerful telecommunications tools into one, all-inclusive solution. An Automatic Call Distributor, Interactive Voice Response, and a Predictive Dialer give you the benefits of an inbound, outbound and blended call center.

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)
Manage peak calling times by forwarding customers to the next available agent with the skill set that best meets their needs. Blending inbound and outbound stations improves efficiency, and increases your center's productivity.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Allow callers to receive information from a database, enter information into a database, listen to a pre-recorded message, and get answers without agent interaction. IVR streamlines information exchange, radically lowers the cost of transactions, and reduces staffing requirements, which allows for increased attention to more complex customer service issues.

Predictive Dialer (PD)
Increase agent productivity with ASD Softswitch's Predictive Dialer that produces in excess of 70 outbound connects per hour — double the accepted industry standard. ASD Softswitch uses a sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) predictive algorithm that measures performance against goals, and adjusts system performance in real-time to assure your goals are met.


Multi-site Integration
Seamlessly integrate multiple call centers with the ability to transfer voice and data between any call center using ASD Softswitch. Extend the boundaries of a traditional call center when you expand your reach with global "follow the sun" solutions, allowing 24 x 7 customer service.

Digital Recording
Digitally record all calls for verification of customer's or donor's authorization of payment for goods, services, or charitable contribution.

Historical Reporting Tools
The system provides full insight into call center activities and trends, allowing management to make more-informed business decisions to increase overall productivity.

Remote Screen Pop Transfer
ASD Softswitch's exclusive Remote Screen Pop Transfer allows agents to seamlessly transfer a Screen Pop — with 100% call data — to alternate call center sites that have the appropriate agent skills to complete the call. ASD Softswitch also gives you the capability to digitally record transferred calls from cradle to grave, capturing the entire interaction.

Built-in Simulators
Not sure which parameters will yield the result you want? ASD Softswitch's built-in simulators allow you to test them before moving the campaign into the field, allowing managers to adjust different sets of parameters before making a commitment, to assure they'll yield the desired results.

Completely Flexible, Open Architecture
ASD Softswitch's open architecture allows for easy access to data, and quick integrations. Additionally, ASD Softswitch integrates to practically any technology that you may currently be using, providing a seamless integration from an agent perspective.

Unlimited Skills-based Routing
In-network skills-based routing enhances the customer experience. ACD algorithms are fully customizable by the user to handle any kind of simple or complex call routing you may need.

Team Training
Allow supervisors to monitor calls in real-time (video and voice) in addition to conferencing. Provides the ability to coach a person while on a call — the agent can hear, but the customer can't, making ASD Softswitch ideal for on the job training.

Agent On-Demand/Follow Me
With ASD Softswitch, you no longer need to staff your call center 24 x 7. With a phone and an Internet connection, qualified agents can take calls from anywhere in the world, around the clock, when ASD Softswitch automatically distributes calls (via zip code or area code) to an appropriately skilled agent.

Resource Management Scheduling
Proper campaign management assures your customers' contracts are completed on schedule, and assures that your agents' productivity is maximized.

Callback Scheduling
ASD Softswitch's Callback Scheduling feature allows agents and supervisors to create follow up activities, which are then seamlessly integrated into the queue so that agents can fulfill tasks efficiently.

Download the capabilities sheet here.