Newsletter | September 29, 2020

09.29.20 -- ASCII Insight: Thoughts On What Products You Need To Offer

Channel Insights
5 Questions Every VAR Should Ask When Qualifying Leads

Spending time on the right leads will increase your chances of success because you’re investing time and energy on the right people.

Demystify Payment Security For The Small Business Owner

Despite the deluge of recent news about payment data theft, many small business owners still mistakenly believe they are not a target. With that mind-set, they will not learn about payment security until it is too late. This is where you, the reseller, can add value. 

Increasing Your Business Valuation Through SaaS

In addition to POS applications sold as SaaS products, there are many add-ons that can create recurring revenue: loyalty/rewards, above-store reporting, data security, online ordering, and more.

Staying Cyber-Resilient During A Pandemic

We’re all thinking about it, so let’s call it out by name right away. The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is a big deal. For many of us, the structure of our lives is changing daily, and those of us who are capable of doing our work remotely are likely doing so more than we ever have before.

How The Right Physical Infrastructure, DCIM Solutions, And Hybrid IT Strategy Can Help Businesses Emerge From The COVID-19 Era More Future-Proofed Than Ever

If colocation is going to be part of your business’ hybrid strategy — and it should — a strong physical infrastructure and a robust DCIM solution are critical to minimize complexity and maximize performance.

Phishing Ain’t What It Used To Be: How An Old Attack Has Evolved

Phishing attacks are proliferating on the web. Their sheer volume has helped them become one of the most common sources of data breach used today.

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