Newsletter | April 29, 2019

04.29.19 -- Are Channel Pros Really Pros?

Featured Editorial
A VAR's Roadmap To The Produce Industry
By Abby Sorensen, chief editor

This AIDC reseller has always been a step ahead of channel trends like developing proprietary software, building recurring revenue, and capitalizing on regulatory opportunities within a niche vertical.

Are Channel Pros Really Pros?
By Mike Kelly

Ask anyone who works in the channel, and you will soon find that two schools of thought exist. One says that channel sales and marketing are merely offshoots of their mainstream brethren and do not require specialist knowledge. The second school asserts that channel business is a discipline in its own right and demands specialist training and certification.

MSP Hiring: Draft Or Free Agent?
By Nathan Austin & Steve Riat

The ability to sell is a process and an art. While working with MSPs on multiple continents, we have found the same applies for recruiting and hiring sales professionals — there is a process and an art to finding “A Players” for your team. MSP sales are a unique type of sale that requires different skills compared to other sales roles you may encounter. Some of the characteristics to illustrate this point are business-to-business, relationship-driven, long-term, consultative, technical, and value-based.

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