Case Study

APG Partner's mPOS Solution Combines Human Touch With Efficiency

Source: APG Cash Drawer, LLC

In his vision for Fortina Italian restaurants, Rob Krauss saw a perfect combination of hospitality with expedience. His hostesses and servers would work in tandem to deliver service with a smile, with tableside orders going directly to the kitchen to accelerate food preparation and minimize waits. Customer information would be captured and stored for follow-up marketing.

This vision required technology Krauss thought wasn’t available. So he and his Fortina Restaurant partners, Chef Christian Petroni and John Nealon, commissioned a software developer to build a system to their specs. Then one day he saw the Lavu Inc. POS software in action on an episode of Gordon Ramsey’s “Kitchen Nightmares.” “I called Lavu, and asked them a bunch of questions,” Krauss said.

Lavu introduced him to a partner, Steve Brown, founder of POS VAR Table Talk Technologies. For eight months, Krauss and Brown traded ideas, and by the time Krauss and company were ready to open their first Fortina restaurant in Armonk, NY, Table Talk had put together a cloud-managed mPOS system with Lavu software, Zephyr Hardware components, APG Vasario cash drawers, Epson printers, and iPads for tableside service.

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