News | October 7, 2003

APG Cash Drawer Announces The Next Step In Integration Products

APG Cash Drawer announces the release of the innovative Caddy Garage to enhance the Cash Drawer Caddy System. The Caddy Garage is a sophisticated option that allows the PC to be integrated into the POS Workstation.

The Garage is the next step in creating that clean 'register' look. This product streamlines installation of the PC and assists with cable management of the workstation components. By hiding the PC from view, the Garage controls access to the disk drive, power switch, and prevents tampering with cables. The Garage is ventilated to allow airflow and offers access to both the front and rear of the PC with removable panels.

The Cash Drawer Caddy System is an attractive and rugged solution for organizing your POS equipment. Including a heavy-duty cash drawer, Base and Cap, the Caddy System neatly eliminates clutter by providing for cable routing of all the POS peripherals. The Caddy Garage option will sit between the Cash Drawer and the Base to house the PC and also assist with cable management.

APG Cash Drawer is a division of Upper Midwest Industries and is the retail industry's leading manufacturer of cash drawer products.

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