Newsletter | January 28, 2020

01.28.20 -- An Exploration Of Customer Acquisition Cost Per Marketing Channel


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Channel Insights
The Radicati Group Endpoint Security — Market Quadrant 2019 Report
White Paper | Webroot

An analysis of the market for endpoint security reveals top players, trail blazers, specialists, and mature players.

The Fibre Channel Rolls On
White Paper | Panduit

This white paper covers current data center storage applications and technologies such as transceivers and optical fiber media that support Fibre Channel in the data center.

Blockchain Brings Opportunity For Channel — But Challenges Too
Article | CompTIA

There are plenty of reasons for solutions providers to get excited about blockchain, but there’s also a lot to do before most can develop successful practices, according to members of CompTIA’s Blockchain Advisory Council.

How Advanced Audio Solutions Can Increase Your Revenues
  Q&A | A conversation with Jim Fairweather, Sennheiser

Savvy VARs can increase revenue and solidify their place as trusted IT advisors if they teach their customers to leverage premium audio to help control their modern office environments and increase productivity.

Leadership Lessons
Fostering Growth And Productivity With Real-Time Insights
Q&A | A conversation with Mike Noyes, Honeywell

A candid conversation around enterprise mobility’s role in the digital transformation.

Why We Must Leave Windows 7 Behind
Guest Column | By Farica Chang, Anderson Technologies

Ignoring the Windows 7 end of support is easy right now, but no savings gained in the short term outweighs the risk to yourself and your business in the long term. A few thousand dollars spent now is better than tens or hundreds of thousands demanded by ransomware and the loss of confidence from your clients in the future. Don’t let the deadline pass you by. The time to upgrade is now.

Top 3 CEO Reflections On Software 2019/2020
Guest Column | By René van Erk, ISVWorld

At ISVWorld, we have had a rollercoaster year ending on a high, we hope yours is ending well too! As the year closes, I am sharing my reflections on three areas that stand out when looking back and looking forward.

An Exploration Of Customer Acquisition Cost Per Marketing Channel
  Guest Column | By Julie Perry, Boardable

When looking at the full picture of how prospects moved between sales and marketing channels before converting, analyzing CAC per marketing channel based on “first touch” attribution vs. “last touch” attribution will produce very different results. So which attribution model is better?