Guest Column | June 25, 2013

Amex Sync And Twitter: How American Express Has Brought Purchasing Power To Social Media

By Ryan J. Holdridge, Technical Communicator, pcAmerica,,

The shoes on my feet #IveBoughtIt - through Twitter! In the recent past, American Express has partnered with various social media outlets and has branded these partnerships as “Amex Sync.” Amex Sync allows consumers to receive special offers via their Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter accounts. Through Twitter users also have the ability to purchase items by tweeting special hashtags provided by American Express. These partnerships require that an eligible American Express Card be linked with one or all of the social media providers, depending on which ones the customer may utilize.

The Twitter partnership allows users to receive special offers from the Amex Twitter favorites list, or purchase items with a Tweet from their account. After syncing an Amex card with the user’s Twitter account, users can tweet hashtags related to an offer that appeals to them. After tweeting the offer’s hashtag, users can then make a qualifying purchase using their synced Amex card to redeem the offer. Amex will recognize that the customer tweeted the hashtag for the offer, made a qualifying purchase and will then award the customer the offer in the form of a statement credit.

To make a purchase via Twitter, users will tweet a hashtag that has been configured for a particular item to be purchased. After recognizing that the user has tweeted the hashtag for the item, Amex will then tweet at the customer making the purchase. The customer can then complete the sale by re-tweeting the hashtag. (This is a great two step authentication process to help prevent your kids from purchasing 50 XBOX controllers.)