White Paper

White Paper: Achieving Best-In-Class Performance In Retail Stores With Mobile Computer

Source: BlueStar, Inc.

Store-level execution is under the spotlight as retailers seek to distinguish themselves in a marketplace where price and product no longer differentiate. Retailers pour millions into branding efforts to entice shoppers into the store, but it's up to store staff to make sure their expectations are met and those dollars are not wasted. The store has to look good, the prices have to be right, the product absolutely has to be on the shelf where it's supposed to be, and the associates must be friendly, knowledgeable, and available to answer questions.

Between the vision created by corporate and the satisfied, loyal customer stands the store staff and its ability to execute, and that can be challenging. Store managers must contend with conflicting priorities, endless and uncoordinated requests from various corporate departments, constant interruptions, and too many tasks with too small a labor budget.

The good news is that, with the right software and hardware tools, stores can plan for and prioritize replenishment and other tasks, allocate labor accordingly, and work through these to-do lists quickly and more accurately than ever before, making the reality of daily store operations far closer to the idyllic vision. The advent of wireless networks has revolutionized the way staff can communicate with applications, data and each other.

By ensuring this connectivity, wireless mobile computers can make every store-level task faster, more accurate and visible to all stakeholders, from in-store inventory, pricing and promotions tasks, to customer service activities such as queue-busting, price look-ups, special orders and inventory locating, to manager dashboards that monitor transactions and enact decisions. When a wireless device is lightweight, comfortable, easy to use and suited to the task, store associates will embrace the opportunity to make their jobs faster and more effective.