Guest Column | May 30, 2013

5 Common Mobile POS Mistakes

By Frank Riso, Senior Director, Global Lead Retail, Motorola Solutions

Shoppers should be able to buy their purchases how, when and where they want. Are retailers prepared to accept any type of payment anywhere in the store? They can be with mobile point of sale (MPOS). But there are a few things to consider if you want to ensure the success of an MPOS implementation. Beware of these five pitfalls: 

  1. Confusing MPOS with line busting - MPOS allows customers to pay for purchases anywhere in the store. Following the same procedures as the traditional POS system, store associates use a mobile device to scan a customer’s purchases and accept payment. When “line busting,” associates carry out all the steps of MPOS, except payment. Items are scanned and the transaction is suspended until the shopper reaches a traditional POS station where payment completes the transaction. Why would you even want to start a transaction on the store floor but finish at a register? While there are many uses, consider an electronics or appliance store. The order may be placed on the floor and sent to the back, where the product can be pulled. Meanwhile, the customer can go to the register to discuss warranties, service/repair and complete the transaction, turning waiting time into a sales opportunity and freeing up associates to help more customers.

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