Case Study

A Fortune 500 Manufacturer Defines Their Workflow & Ditches Microfiche

Source: iDatix

For a manufacturer of home storage and organization products that are found in most closets across the country, one may be surprised to learn that all documents for such a successful operation were stored on--brace yourself--microfiche. Accessing information trapped on this outdated system required ClosetMaid associates to make written requests to the IT department, which were then passed to the microfiche department. Each film jacket would then be pulled from a shelf, printed, and mailed via interoffice or snail mail back to the requester. Complicating matters even further, there was no structure or assigned workflow for their tasks. The entire process was done manually. Missing documents, lengthy processes and a lack of control and credibility plagued the organization. After implementing iSynergy from iDatix, ClosetMaid can now easily access all shipping documents and invoices, track and manage their workflow and facilitate HIPAA compliance by incorporating the HR department. What took weeks now takes seconds, and the costly maintenance of such outdated hardware and the problems of an inefficient business model have been eliminated.

Every year, ClosetMaid budgeted to replace microfiche with enterprise content management (ECM), and every year it was cut out at the last minute. After getting a call from iDatix, ClosetMaid's IT management visited a nearby iSynergy site where they saw firsthand how easy it was to scan rooms full of medical records and how quickly these documents could be accessed and routed afterwards.

Once iSynergy was successfully budgeted, the next challenge was to implement the new ECM system for users who had worked for the last 20 years to image 40,000 invoices per month using microfiche, and who had never even used a PC. Rather than resisting the new iSynergy ECM system, the iDatix team successfully trained the ClosetMaid staff in a way that had their veterans saying, "How did we ever do without iSynergy?"