Newsletter | June 30, 2020

06.30.20 -- 6 Proven Strategies To Help VARs Increase Sales

Channel Insights
We Need The Security Benefits Of AI And Machine Learning Now More Than Ever

As these times stress the bottom lines of businesses and SMBs alike, many are looking to cut costs wherever possible. The problem for business owners and MSPs is that cybercriminals are not reducing their budgets apace. On the contrary, the rise in COVID-related scams has been noticeable.

Reap The Benefits Of Managed Service Packaging

Working from project to project makes revenue unpredictable. That’s why some providers make the move to managed services.

Best Practices For ISV Integrations With Hardware

POS ISVs looking to boost brand recognition often turn to hardware manufacturers to get their solutions to market. Partnerships to integrate ISV solutions with hardware are one of the most effective ways to create a market for your software.

How CenterPoint Energy Optimized Uptime, Efficiency, Security, And Capacity

CenterPoint Energy found itself struggling to unify its IT physical infrastructure platforms across all internal business units and within each facility. The company was working with multiple vendors at multiple offices in multiple cities. This approach led to several coordination and communication issues, which caused unnecessary delays and downtime.

The Dangers Of Warning Your Clients About Price Increases

It’s critical when communicating price changes to do so with the end in mind. Let’s look at three dangers of warning your clients about price increases and what to do about them.

6 Proven Strategies To Help VARs Increase Sales

Finding new customers to buy your products or sell your services to is an important part of the sales process, but a daunting one at times. The good news for point of sale resellers is that today’s market is a fertile one.

Leadership Lessons
How Does RFID Technology Reduce Medical Errors?

Despite the best efforts of medical workers and administrative staff, preventable medical errors remain a fact of life. Providers can write prescriptions incorrectly, clerks may transcribe or record inaccurate information, and managers can make suboptimal decisions based on inaccurate data.

Workforce And Learning Trends To Watch

Evolving technologies, demographics, and digital business models are changing the workplace at a faster pace than ever before. Meanwhile, available technologies — AI, people analytics, AR/VR, Everything-as-a-Service, and more — promise to reshape the way learning is delivered and consumed. Learning and development (L&D) professionals — and the employers that rely on them for a future-ready workforce — are grappling to understand which innovations really matter.