Newsletter | February 11, 2020

02.11.20 -- 5 Ways To Simplify The Fiber Optic Evolution


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Channel Insights
Lockdown Lessons Episode 3: Closing Security Gaps
Video | Webroot

From regular patches to disabling RDP, there are lots of simple steps you can take to lock down your security strategy. Watch our Lockdown Lessons videos to see what crucial measures you may be missing.

5 Ways To Simplify The Fiber Optic Evolution
  Article | Panduit

Increasing traffic within data centers requires fiber optic link bandwidth capacity to keep expanding over time. But how do you avoid repeat rip-and-replace upgrades?

Leadership Lessons
The Technology Buyer’s Journey: A Roadmap To Customer Success
Infographic | CompTIA

The technology buyer’s journey has long been fraught with chaos, confusion, and criticism — to both buyers and sellers. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Mobile, The Presentation Layer To Digital
Q&A | A conversation with Sean Ginevan, Google

With various tools at the disposal of today’s enterprise, it’s a foregone conclusion that employees are able to work smarter, not harder. However, just because we now have more digital applications for business doesn’t mean employees are prepared to handle this influx of information.

How A Daily Management System Can Improve Your Company’s Culture
Guest Column | By Kevin Saboori, Point B

We see it all too often: An organization launches a Lean initiative with the goal to drive change within its business culture, only to lose steam after failing to see any meaningful results. What happened? More to the point, what didn't happen?

How MSPs Benefit From Effective Public Speaking
  Guest Column | By Alain Lefebvre, Great White North and ASCII Group member, The ASCII Group

The thought of public speaking panics most people, due in large part to unfounded fears of bombing in front of large crowds. The reality is public speaking can be a very effective tool without being a chore or nightmare-type task.